Eletromecânica Estácio

We perform maintenance and repair of LV and HV industrial electric motors, AC and DC, wound rotors, generators and also equipment for hazardous areas.  

All services are performed in accordance with technical standards providing customers with high levels of reliability and quality to specified services.

See below the main items that are part of our scope of services:

  • Manufacture of LV and HV coils for AC, DC stators, generators,
    wound rotors
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI)
  • Flow testing in magnetic cores with thermography inspection
  • Repair or replacement of magnetic cores
  • Manufacturing of shafts, slip rings, bearings replacement
  • Shaft dimensional recovery through the process of electric arc 
    thermal spraying
  • Vibration analysis
  • Electrical tests
  • Supply and replacement of parts
  • Painting with special specifications